What Makes Our Spices Special ?

Vanille Vanille is a young, flexible, and innovative business approach offering an alternative to current unsustainable modes of consumption

Vanille Vanille is at the heart of the supply chain, we are the farmers!

Our Origins

Vanille Vanille is setting a new bar for an industry long suffering from middlemen and exploitation. We’re a collaboration of innovative forward-thinking farmers from Madagascar, India, and Mexico who are always looking for ways to speed the path between our finest harvests and your kitchen. Join our community which is based on some core principles: offering the freshest premium, all natural ingredients, sustainable development, and cutting out the middlemen for fair and more equitable trade.

One, simple, elegant, clear line. From farm to fork.

We’ve simplified the spice road. It used to be long and crooked. It is now a line.


What People Are Saying About Us

Really premium I REALLY saw and tasted the difference right away. Great fact, most of the time it’s the farm owners replying to inquiries and they are such nice people!

Bella O

Great service...often times, it’s the actual owners replying to my messages and they are so nice! I highly recommend.

Alain J

For a long time I kept your Vanilla Beans and Ceylon Cinnamon as my own secret ingredient but don't worry, I've matured and have recommended Vanille Vanille to all. ;)

Peter P

Wow! The vanilla beans I ordered are off the hook. I’ve never seen this quality before! I was so shocked I ordered again to see if it would be the same. Happy to report it was! Keep it up and you have me for life!

Tony J

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