Situated in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of Africa, lies the fourth largest island in the world along with its flourishing wildlife, prismatic flora, and abundance of natural resources.

Through our expertise, ambition, and collaboration with local spice and vanilla-bean farmers on the island, Vanille-Vanille hand-selects and produces some of the finest variety of spices on the planet. This enables us to offer you quality products such as our wild and pink peppers from Toliara, our nutmeg and Pili Pili chili from Fianarantsoa, our premium Ceylon cinnamon, and vanilla beans from Analirojfo, as well as our black pepper and ginger from the bay of Antsiranana.


Though we take great pride in the quality and richness of our produce from the island, we are driven to a great extent by the desire to contribute to the well-being of producers and society in general. This is why we take it as our responsibility to do what we can in order to improve the overall living standard for the residents of the regions in Madagascar in which our spices are cultivated.  To that end, we’ve launched dozens of projects that have contributed to road maintenance, opened up new production areas, built new schools (4 so far), and provided schools with benches and school materials.  Other projects to increase the income of producer families by diversifying their income and integrating young people into the professional world are currently in the making.