The spices we offer from India are mostly grown and harvested in Kerala - the lush green Southwestern region of the country that many like to call “God’s own country.” And the Wayanad district of Kerala, which is characterised by its high altitude, provides a unique and world-recognized  terroir for the cultivation of perennial crops and spices, such as black pepper, cardamom and ginger.


Anith Puthiyankath, a Spice United co-founder and partner hails from a family of merchants who have been trading in Kerala for three generations, and Anith carries decades’ worth of experience working and cultivating relationships with a select number of the finest small farms in the region to bring their magnificent turmeric or Wayanadan black pepper harvests directly from the farms to your table.

The Wayanadan TGSEB 

Believed to be the first identified variety of black pepper in the world, our signature spice product from the region, Wayanadan Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold (TGSEB) stands out for its size, colour, flavour, and aroma.

Contrary to popular belief, Tellicherry is not a distinct variety of black pepper, but rather the highest grade of black pepper found anywhere in the world.  
Less than 10% of the black pepper grown globally is graded TGSEB, but with its ideal growing conditions almost 85% of the Wayanadan crop makes the TSGSEB grade.


Due to low yield, expensive farming conditions, and lack of demand from big buyers, the Wayanadan variety of pepper has almost become extinct, and consequently, local farmers are replacing it with higher-yielding and hybrid varieties.  Similar to our efforts in Mexico, we are committed to preserving and reviving the natural heritage of growing real Wayanadan Black Pepper - the King of Spices.