About Spice United, Ltd.

We are a group of experienced ad mission-driven professionals from around the world who have worked extensively in the spice industry and are among the first groups to have crossed borders to work together towards a common mission: to offer amazing premium gourmet spices that are sourced directly from the hands of farmers.  

Our founding members come from select spice-growing regions that are either the locations from which each spice originates from or from regions that offer superior terroir for cultivation.  

Through our direct, first-hand expertise as spice growers, and/or as purveyors and organizers of local farm communities, we now offer the broader public a chance to taste fresh, premium spices at their full potential.


Our mission and philosophy are simple - to unlock the delicious flavours and health benefits of truly amazing, all-natural spices by sourcing directly from select regions with superior terroir,  shortening the food chain by eliminating unnecessary middlemen, and adhering to the highest ethical standards of fair trade, equitable compensation, sustainable farming methods, and eco-friendly business practices. 

We can't wait to introduce you to our delectable range of spice offerings - for foodies like us, it can be a life-changing experience! 

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