About Us

Spice United is the result of a unique partnership between passionate gourmet spice industry professionals from Madagascar, India and Mexico who have jointly decided to launch Vanille Vanille to further our shared vision of redefining the spice road by offering gorgeous, indigenous spice varieties that will take you on a culinary journey that transcends borders, cultures, emotions, and memories.

Our DNA – Mission, Vision, and Values

Our founding team consists of individuals from different parts of the world who  share a common vision for bringing only the best and freshest selection of truly exceptional spices directly from our farms to your doorstep. 

With a strong commitment to ethical and sustainable direct trade, we have been supplying a range of ingredients for Michelin chefs, world renowned flavour houses, home cooks, food producers and restaurants for over 20 years. 


Our mission and philosophy are simple - to unlock the delicious flavours and health benefits of truly amazing, all-natural spices by sourcing directly from select regions with superior terroir,  shortening the food chain by eliminating unnecessary middlemen, and adhering to the highest ethical standards of fair trade, sustainable farming methods, and eco-friendly business practices. 

So, whether it's the wonderful natural vanilla you need to prepare a special cake or dessert recipe, or the aromatic black pepper needed to perfect your Cacio e Pepe, you can be rest assured that if you bought it via vanille-vanille.com, the spices will be of exceptional quality and will help deliver a truly extraordinary culinary experience.  We can't wait to introduce you to our delectable range of spice offerings - for foodies like us, it can be a life-changing experience! 

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