Kaffir Lime from Madagascar - Vanille Vanille
Kaffir Lime, from Madagascar - Vanille Vanille
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Kaffir Lime - Rind Powder
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Kaffir Lime from Madagascar

Citrus Hystrix

Also Known as: Kieffer Lime, Markut, Magrood


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Kaffir lime is the common name of Citrus Hystrix, a tropical fruit that is native to various parts of Asia. In addition to its many culinary uses, kaffir lime is also used in herbal medicine, due to its high content of beneficial compounds that can positively affect the body’s systems.

What Does It Taste Like?

Kaffir lime leaves have a strong citrus taste and aroma with a hint of a blend of mandarin orange, lemon and lime. Their zest is less citrusy, but they do have a spicy lime fragrance and a woody note.

How Is It Used?

Both kaffir lime leaves and rinds are most popular in Thai cuisine. The leaves can be used in salads, stir fries, soups and curries but make sure that you remove the center vein.  Kaffir lime rinds are thicker and bumpier than regular limes, but they offer a much more robust flavouring to dishes, especially baked goods.

Kaffir lime is the common name of Citrus Hystrix, a tropical fruit that is native to various parts of Asia.

  • Helps detoxify the blood:  Volatile compounds which helps eliminate those pathogens or foreign agents in the blood, along with the possibility of helping the liver and lymphatic system strain out dangerous substances and improve your overall health.
  • Maintaining the digestive system: Contains organic constituents might be anti-inflammatory in nature and they may also stimulate the digestive system.


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  • It adds a tangy, citrusy flavour to food preparations.
  • A great spice to use with recipes that include rice, lentils and dry beans.
  • Kaffir Lime powder is used to add an hue to salad dressings.

Popular Dishes

(Kaffir Lime Rinds):

  • Savory: Panang Beef, Massaman Curry, Kaffir Lime & Coconut Poached Chicken with Noodles.
  • Sweets: Kaffir Lime Tarts, Kaffir Lime Biscuits.

(Kaffir Lime Leaves):

  • Savory: Chicken Curry with Kaffir Lime Leaves, Spiced Lentils and aubergine toast.
  • Sweets: Kaffir Lime Tarts, Kaffir Lime Biscuits.


  • Indian: Savory & sweet dishes.
  • Indonesian: Soups & stir-fry dishes.
  • Persian: Stews & used as a base in spice mixtures.
  • Moroccan: Mainly used in tagines and rice dishes.

The best way to keep kaffir lime leaves as fresh as possible is to freeze them. Make sure that they are clean and dry before storing them in a container.