The Spice Road Re-Invented

Spices are supposed to transform a meal by adding a range of flavors, from a hint of sweetness to a kick of heat to delight your senses. They should cause you to feel as if your tastebuds are exploding with pure unadulterated joy each time your tongue meets against their molecules.

But, how often has this really happened?

Consumers have long been denied the experience of tasting full-flavoured spices because the global spice trade has traditionally been defined by an unclear path between farmers and consumers, where spices change hands at least five times before reaching your shelf.  Months of transportation, more months of storage, and then maybe even years of sitting on the shelf have led to the bland, unexciting state that describes most commercially distributed spices, the spices that most people consume on a regular basis.


What if there was another way? 

At Spice United, we have collaborated to pave another path for you and for all lovers of spice around the world. Through our unique partnership with local farmers from Madagascar, India, and Mexico, we have reinvented the spice road, so we can offer you the freshest version of fresh: spices as mother nature intended them to taste. Cultivated in the most suitable and authentic regions and cared for by equitably compensated farmers, our premium spices are harvested from the soil and brought directly to your kitchen - with no middlemen involved!