Our Pledge

At Spice United, we understand how vital honesty and transparency are in order to maintain harmony with our communities - both internally and externally. We realize the importance of feeling at ease that the spice you just added to your dish comes from trustworthy and reliable hands. 

For this reason, we would like you to take a look at the following commitments we have made as an organization:

I. Premium Quality - Always Fresh, All Natural Spices

Vanille Vanille was founded on a relentless commitment to high-quality specialty food products. We intend to continue building a premium quality brand that will leave you rest assured that if a spice product is bought through us, it will be of exceptional quality and packed with maximum flavour and potency.

II. Direct Trade & Traceability
We either own or directly partner with small farmers to source the highest-quality, premium spices we offer to you for sale. This allows us to offer a more direct route from previously inaccessible farms directly to your table without unnecessary middle-men. This direct-trade model enables us to deliver a fresher, single-source product that is traceable to the exact farm from which it was sourced from.
III. Social Well-Being & Economic Prosperity

Rather than growing in large, mono-cropped plantations, we are independent, small-holder farmers whose dense agroforestry systems act much more like a healthy forest, and less like an industrial farm. This approach yields products with a deep complex flavor. It also has a real and positive impact on both the forests and the farming communities that depend on them.  We aim to improve the overall standard of living in our locations  while allowing us to provide you with better products.  We are proud to pay our farmers a premium price, invest in their cooperatives, and help build libraries and community centers in the rural forest communities where spices are grown.

IV. Eco-Friendly
We are committed to using the most sustainable farming practices to ensure the preservation of the unique ecosystem and biodiversity in our farming locations around the world. We do this by not only avoiding synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, but also spreading awareness and offering educational courses to local partners in the field of organic production.