Vanilla Scones With Vanilla Bean Glaze - A Heavenly Twist on An English Classic

Scones are a British afternoon tea staple, and for good reason, they’re just simply delicious!  Not quite cake, but not really a biscuit either, scones have a unique texture that’s entirely their own. Traditionally made with flour, butter, sugar and milk, this recipe adds a delightful vanilla twist!  By adding freshly extracted Vanilla caviar from premium Bourbon Vanilla Pods and a bit of Bourbon Vanilla Extract you can add heavenly flavour to your scones.

A Brief History of the Beautiful Bread

The first printed mention of a scone dates back to 1513 from a translation of the classic The Aenaid by a Scottish poet named Gavin Douglas. The word is thought to have originated from the Dutch “schoonbrot,” meaning fine white bread; and the closely-related German “sconbrot,” which means fine or beautiful bread.


Sometime in the mid-19th Century, scones emerged as an essential part of England's much-celebrated afternoon tea. Helping cement its place was Anna, the Duchess of Bedford (a close friend of Queen Victoria) who, as the story goes, was served scones with her tea one afternoon and enjoyed it so much that she ordered it every afternoon thereafter.  And so the English ritual of ‘Afternoon Tea’ with scones was born.

Let us now pay homage to this beautiful bread with this recipe that adds a vanilla twist to the classic.

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