Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Rolls

If you have a sweet tooth, then you must crave a cinnamon roll every now and then. With these two superstar ingredients and just about 40 minutes, get ready to indulge in a cinnamon fusion delight.
While most of the ingredients of cinnamon rolls are easily found around your kitchen; from flour, eggs, milk and butter, and the recipes sound all so simple and easy. However, we always find ourselves wondering how did that one cinnamon roll just have a slightly different rich taste. Well, look no further, because we might just have the answer.
The quality of the ingredients used in desserts play a crucial role to whether you end up with an appetizing result. And as this special dessert's name indicates what it's all about; then you guessed it right, the quality of your Cinnamon will make all the difference.
Organic Ceylon Cinnamon has long been a prized cooking spice, it has a milder flavour than traditional cinnamon. It is known for its delicate and sweet flavour; and is used by gourmet chefs around the world for a variety of sweet dishes. You can find Cinnamon Ceylon Organic sourced directly from Madagascar's farms on Vanille-Vanille, an online spice shop that's currently available in the UK.
But hold on for just a second. What about that delicious frosting that just gives your rolls that extra kick. No doubts that cream cheese and butter could turn any dessert into a buttery delicacy, but a few drops from vanilla heaven can even make your rolls even more divine.
Vanille-Vanille also offers you with Vanilla Extract from Madagascar and Mexico, made from premium quality vanilla beans  with unique characteristics that are derived from the terroir of the regions it originates from.

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