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Our Mission:

To establish and maintain direct feasible and sustainable paths between your kitchens and our organic spice farms, and since we’re at it, making the world a better place too.

Our Beliefs and Social Mission Values are that: 

Prosperity, by definition, requires Sustainability.

Sustainability requires partnerships, and reinvestment.

Valuable Partnerships require Fairness and Trust.

Fairness and trusts are valuable assets.

Trust is easier broken than built,

That’s why it requires empathy,

Empathy bequeaths Care,

Care to people, women and environment 

Sustainable relations and collaborations close the cycle back to prosperity.


We ended up throwing away the map itself. We replaced it with the flow of a line.

A future oriented farm-to-fork provider of organically grown, sustainable and fairly sourced spices, ingredients and oils.

And such as spices define taste, our choices define us.

This natural farm to fork line defines us, exceptional ingredients on your table today is translated into sustainable investment in people, communities, and environment around the world.

The Challenge:

Till this day, a decent percentage of what you pay for ingredients is merely a cash deposit, made to the pockets of too many middlemen and traders between you and our farms.

The world of spice trade has historically suffered from this clear structural discrepancy, between added value on one hand, and profits on the other. This has been the case for centuries.

That’s why you rarely got the quality and purity we cultivate. That’s why farming communities, around the world, almost never received their fair share of the value they produce.

That’s also how the very livelihood and sustainability, of communities and environment alike, got forgotten. It was lost in the many pockets along the crooked road of the spice trade.

That’s it.

That’s where Vanille Vanille comes in.