Our Mission:

To establish and maintain direct feasible and sustainable paths between your kitchens and our organic spice farms, and since we’re at it, making the world a better place too.

Our Beliefs and Social Mission Values are that: 

Prosperity, by definition, requires Sustainability.

Sustainability requires partnerships, and reinvestment.

Valuable Partnerships require Fairness and Trust.

Fairness and trusts are valuable assets.

Trust is easier broken than built,

That’s why it requires empathy,

Empathy bequeaths Care,

Care to people, women and environment 

Sustainable relations and collaborations close the cycle back to prosperity.


We ended up throwing away the map itself. We replaced it with the flow of a line.

A future oriented farm-to-fork provider of organically grown, sustainable and fairly sourced spices, ingredients and oils.

And such as spices define taste, our choices define us.

This natural farm to fork line defines us, exceptional ingredients on your table today is translated into sustainable investment in people, communities, and environment around the world.

The Challenge:

Till this day, a decent percentage of what you pay for ingredients is merely a cash deposit, made to the pockets of too many middlemen and traders between you and our farms.

The world of spice trade has historically suffered from this clear structural discrepancy, between added value on one hand, and profits on the other. This has been the case for centuries.

That’s why you rarely got the quality and purity we cultivate. That’s why farming communities, around the world, almost never received their fair share of the value they produce.

That’s also how the very livelihood and sustainability, of communities and environment alike, got forgotten. It was lost in the many pockets along the crooked road of the spice trade.

That’s it.

That’s where Vanille Vanille comes in.

Our Supply Chain

The Opportunity:

Vanille Vanille is the realization of the specific opportunity, feasible today as never before in the history of spice trade. The combined effects of human connectivity, shared knowledge, and the emerging sustainability culture, are finally empowering us to shape our present and future.

When it comes to premium quality organic produce, we know where value really is:

  1. In the humane luscious and memorable sensory experience of nature’s essences.
  2. In the effects of this trade on farming communities around the world.
  3. In the effects of this industry on the most valuable capital we have access to, our planet’s biodiversity.

Today exists an opportunity at humanity’s level, to redirect unjust and unsustainable profits from the pockets of the few, towards what really matters, human experiences and comprehensive sustainable development

Vanille Vanille is simply the sustainable and moral opportunity that results from replacing an unjust profit making discrepancy.

That’s our business, and that’s the opportunity.

We are the farmers and are partners with direct small family farmers and cooperatives.


The current global revolution triggered by internet, has reduced distances in a manner that allows the following:

  1. No middleman between you and the farm.
  2. Premium handpicked harvest direct to your table.
  3. In Madagascar, India, and Mexico are now able to provide you with handpicked harvest. Our crops are grown, harvested, and delivered in a sustainable manner.
  4. with people, womenand environment at heart

That’s why Vanille Vanille is an entity invested with environmental sustainability by the very nature of our business. Interconnected with diverse communities around the world, sustainable development becomes clearly an existential focus for us. Our ability to develop our communities and preserve and protect nature, on a global level, is a job implicit in our business model.

It’s not about just creating an opportunity for our community in Madagascar, India and Mexico, we aim to reinvest, in people and nature.

That’s why we use compost biodegradable packaging.

That’s why we are the farmers and also partner up with coops and farms we personally know.

That’s why we commit to high wages beyond fair standards.


Our harvest is cared for in its natural habitat, grown in the least intrusive manners without the long list of chemicals, GMOs and or growth hormones.

At Vanille Vanille, we find that the real value of quality organically grown spices and condiments lies in

  1. Your luscious experience of nature’s splendor through your senses
  2. The dedicated hard work of communities around the globe who farm and sustain these marvels of nature
  3.  The original capital and provider of all added value, our planet. Nature itself.

We commit to higher standards than the certification market, We prefers to pay farmers directly, rather than buy Organic and Fair Trade certified products, often too expensive for farmers and paperwork intensive.