Terms & Condition

  • Field of application

    The following terms and conditions of sale are intended to regulate the commercial relationships between APL Vanille Vanille and any natural or legal person via the web-site Vanille-vanille.com. The terms and conditions of sale are regularly updated. They can not be applied retrospectively. APL Vanille Vanille is denominated: the seller or we; and the natural or legal person who purchases is denominated: the customer, the purchaser or you.

  • Company

    APL Vanille Vanille Madagascar, and Establishments Ramanantsoa are registered and created by Mme Gianna Ramanantsoa. Our vanillas are distributed by the company: Establishments Ramanantsoa Address: Männimäe, Pudisoo küla, 74626 Kuusalu vald, Harju maakond, Estonia registered. Contact mail address: apl@vanillevanille.com, srandia@makicatta.com and italy@vanillevanille.com Phone number: 00 261 3415 84039

  • Placing an order

    The pieces of information entered by the customer engage his or her responsibility, concerning the vanilla selections he chooses and the quantity he decides to order, for each of them. The customer bears the liability of the proper entry of the delivery address to which he wants Establishments Ramanantsoa to send his parcel, via the carrier previously chosen. Establishments Ramanantsoa bears no responsibility in case of error committed by the customer in the data entry, and consequently is not to blame for the non-delivery of the customer’s order. When you validate your order, you accept the general terms and conditions of sale of the company Establishments Ramanantsoa via the web-site Vanille-vanille.com. The customer’s order is taken into account as soon as payment is validated, that is to say within a period depending on the method of payment chosen: by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer. Orders are handled in the order of their arrival on the website Vanille-vanille.com. Stocks are managed in real time and, when a product is not available any more, it will appear as "sold out" on the website. Once the customer has validated his or her order, the customer will receive an e-mail confirmation of the order. Eventually, when the payment has been validated by the banking and financial institutions of Establishmens Ramanantsoa, the website Vanille-vanille.com sends an e-mail to the customer in order to accept the order and to detail the estimated period within which the order will be prepared and delivered.

  • Price

    The prices of our products are given in different currencies. These prices include all taxes in accordance with Estonian tax law and excluding of the delivery costs, which depends on the weight of the parcel and the place of delivery chosen by the customer. They amount to 9,50 € concerning parcels weighting less than 500 grams, and to 10,90 € concerning parcels weighting between 500 grams and one kilogram. The local costs and various taxes on importation that are applied in the customer’s country and are to be paid by the customer. The latter will thus have to pay those costs either to the carrier or to the tax services of his or her country.

  • Delivery costs

    In the main delivery areas mentioned below an all-inclusive scale has been set for delivery costs. They comprise the packing costs and delivery costs via renown carrier. The prices amount to 8,20 € concerning parcels weighing less than 500 grams, and to 9,60 € concerning parcels weighing from 0,5 kg to 1 kg. You have to add to this cost 1,30 € corresponding to the hand delivery, versus a valid counter-signature as proof of receipt. The delivery costs to foreign countries are a forfeit based on the distance of the customer's country and one of the main delivery areas. The Delivery prices are available on our delivery page. 

  • Payment

    They can be achieved by credit card, by bank card via Paypal, by bank transfer or a customer Paypal account. The customer will find, in his or her parcel, the purchase invoice made out in the customer’s name and a packing slip. Both documents are necessary in order to accomplish customs procedures, in case the customer resides out of the main delivery areas mentioned below.

  • Delivery time and conditions

    Deliveries are achieved by renown carrier for all destination or countries. Delivery is considered as being accomplished as soon as the order is in the hands of the customer, and it is materialized by the customer’s signature of an acknowledgement of receipt. The period of preparation of the orders goes from 2 to 4 days after validation of payment. If ever the customer is absent on the delivery day, a calling card will be left into his or her mailbox with the contact details of the delivery department written on it. The delivery deadlines, excepted the period of preparation of the orders, are between 48 and 72 hours concerning the main areas as mentioned below, between 3 and 5 days for other European countries or South-East Asian countries and between 10 and 14 days for the rest of the world. As a customer, you can have at your disposal, on the internet, an access to a monitoring service concerning your international shipments via the carrier main website. That free service enables you to control the progress of your parcel as well as its probable delivery date at your home or, more generally, at the registered address.

  • Delivery areas

    We offer worldwide delivery, with express shipping to 2 main Regions, Europe and South East Asia. Additionally, we offer standard shipping to the Rest of The World. We work hard to increase our offer for express shipping to additional regions and countries. The main delivery areas are France, Italy and Hong Kong. For all shipment we work only with Renown international carrier, such as Colissimo, UPS, FEDEX, Aramex and their known partners.

  • The right of withdrawal – Returns and refunds

    We guarantee the origin and the quality of our vanilla pods, and also the good state of the packing. Even though, according to the Consumer Rights Directive, the right of withdrawal within a period of 14 days does not apply to food items, our customers have nevertheless a period of 14 working days within which they can return non-conform products packed in their original packing, in order to get a refund or to exchange the products, all this in conformance with our desire to provide guaranteed quality of our products. In that case, the customer will be responsible for paying the return shipping costs. Furthermore, the customer agrees that according to the Consumer Rights Directive, annyn returned products with damaged or opened packing, understand that lose any rights of withdrawal and neither refund nor exchange will be possible. The customer will have to send us an e-mail in order to detail to reasons that motivated his or her decision to return the offending items.

  • The content of our website – The pictures of our items

    The pictures of our vanilla pods are not contractual. Given that vanilla pods are natural products, they can differ in terms of texture, color, dimension, fragrance and aroma. Our products are in accordance with the relevant European legislation. All pictures have been realized by Gianna Ramananantsoa and Ymagoo Madagascar. The use or copy of any text, picture or map is subject to the prior approval of the authors of this website.

  • Protection of personal data

    The personal pieces of information recorded by Establishments Ramanantsoa when a customer places an order are necessary so that Establishments Ramanantsoa and its carrier be able to handle the customer’s order. Yet, according to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the European Union, the customer can have a right to ask the company Establishments Ramanantsoa to have access, to rectify, to suppress or to oppose to some pieces of personal data about himself or herself. Establishments Ramanantsoa will have the possibility to send to its customer’s commercial offers or information about the products detailed in its general catalog, and also to send them free samples.

  • Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

    Our products are in accordance with the relevant European legislation. The possible disputes linked with the application of the general terms and conditions of sale detailed in this section, and involving both Establishments Ramanantsoa and its customers, are subject to the Estonian jurisdiction and are within the competence of the Local Court only. Moreover, the English language is the only one that can be used for all appeals.

  • Our secure payment

    In order to pay an order, the customer has several modes of payment at his or her disposal : - By credit card: Carte Bleue, Visa and Mastercard, - By Paypal, for customers owning a Paypal account, - By bank transfer payable to Establishments Ramanantsoa: Bank: Wirecard, Banking domiciliation: Germany, IBAN: DE16512308006502683325 SWIFT: WIREDEMM Currency: EUR We are not allowed to register our customers’ banking data after their payment.

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