Cook with vanilla

Cook with vanilla

The vanilla pod is a nice gift for gourmets. This ingredient, highly appreciated for its aroma, requires a long and delicate preparation. Let yourself be carried away by this sweet scent of vanilla. And discover all you need to know about it.

What is a vanilla pod?

Vanilla is the fruit of a climbing orchid. It is found on the market often sold in pods. A vanilla pod is the name given to a set of vanilla stems once harvested and ready for sale. Usually, the vanilla bean is bought in packs of ten stems.

Origin and discovery of vanilla

Vanilla is native to Mexico. At the time, the Aztec people used chocolate vanilla and used it to soften the bitter chocolate flavor. After the conquest of South America, vanilla was brought back to Europe. His sweetness immediately conquered the Spaniards. For about two centuries, the Mexicans were the only ones to produce it before it was discovered that this plant (the orchid) grew only in a climate with precise tropical conditions. As a result, Europeans exported it to Reunion Island, the West Indies, Seychelles and Madagascar. Nowadays, these islands have become the biggest producers of vanilla and are famous all over the world. Its rarity makes it one of the most expensive spices on the market.

Preparation of the vanilla bean

Before getting a vanilla bean ready for purchase and consumption, go through several stages after harvest. Scalding is the first step during which the green vanilla pods are heated at 65 ° C for 3 minutes; then comes steaming, which consists in keeping the pods warm with woolen blankets for three days in closed crates. The last step is drying, during which the vanilla stems are sorted according to their quality and color.

Preservation of the vanilla bean

It is best to keep your vanilla pods dry and away from air and light in an airtight jar. You can keep them like this for several months without losing the taste and smell qualities.

Where to find quality vanilla beans?

You will find the best vanilla pods in Madagascar, or Reunion Island. In France, they are sold in delicatessens, in exotic goods shops or in organic supermarkets.

Nutritional information per 100 g

Calories : 52 kcal
Protein : 0.06 g
Glucides : 12.65 g
Lipides : 0.06 g
Eau : -

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